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glee l33t

not your average elite comm. promise.

Glee L33t.
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Hello Song Fiends! This is a 1337 community for all graphic things Glee, seeking to put the fun back into such challenges. Like with show choir, you do have to apply to be able to post. We like to see what you're working with before you jump head first into a bunch of challenges. :)

graphic club? huhwhu!?
We like challenges where Creativity and Photoshop decided to have a baby. That's not limited to icon challenges. It can be blends, wallpapers, episode posters, etc. The point is to have fun. And randomly break into song. Even if you don't think you are the best singer ever.

why call it "l33t", if it's for fun?
Because we're dorks. True story. Additionally, we do want to have creative individuals in here that are inspired by the show Glee. Does that mean that that we're only going to be taking those who can pull off styles deemed "trendy"? Heavens no. It means we want to accept graphics makers who have a distinctive style and those who are trying to find their style. It means that like Show Choir, we're going to take those with different strengths and weaknesses to make what we hope is the most fun Glee Challenge Club around. That means we're going to be taking those that have the creativity and drive to be a part of the madness, because those are true l33ts around. (Also, glee1337 just looked weird.)

i want in!
Think you've got what it takes?* Wanna be creative with the wonder that is Glee!? Then after this here reading this page, go APPLY HERE.
If you just wanna watch the community for the madness, you may do so here.
*you probably do. Apply. We want you here. :)

Questions? Comments? Gift baskets!? :D
Affiliation Request

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